2022 Level 1 Study Material for CFA  Exams (Set of 7 Books)

2022 Level 1 Study Material for CFA Exams (Set of 7 Books)

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Superior Multi-colour and off white Quality assured

Hassle free returns if any issues in quality

2021 cfa books

Book size: 7.5' x 9.5'

What you get with the package
→Full Syllabus set covering the entire 2022 Level 1 syllabus of 10 subjects. Two practice Books included in the package.
→Superior off-white paper quality That is easy and stress-free on your eyes while studying

Kaplan schweser

→All new and unused books.
→High quality material

Books descriptions
→These books provides a blend of theory and practice.
→Several features of this book are tailored specifically to help the reader including learning outcome statements (LOS) that specify the objective of each chapter.
→Clear concise concepts are explained covering entire level 1 syllabus and Curriculum books of CFA Institute.
→These books are applicable for 2022 exams.

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